Speeding fines Greece – penalties for common traffic offences in Greece

Having performed rather poorly in European road safety rankings, Greece has long been striving to improve the traffic conditions and limit the number of accidents.

Along with a tighter traffic police patrolling, heavy penalties have been introduced to the Greek Highway Code, applicable for both local drivers and tourists. Not being familiar with the Greek road regulations is not an excuse should you commit an infraction and the amount of fines to built up during a short holiday stay in Greece can be surprisingly high for an inadverted tourist.

Fines for speeding in Greece
All speeding infractions are treated very seriously in Greece. The speeding fines applied range between €40 and €350.

The lowest speeding ticket is applicable for driving at only slightly above the allowed limit up to 20 km/h (12mph) over the limit. When the limit is exceeded in between 20 and 30 km/h (18mph), a fine up to €100 can be applied.

Exceeding the speed limits by more than 30 km/h, result in a fine of €350 and a loss of drivers licence for 60 days.

Read more about speed limits in Greece.

Greece penalties for common traffic offences
Greek drivers are famous for a rather relaxed approach towards traffic regulations, which tourists tend to imitate.

In order to eradicate reckless driving behaviour, the Greek Highway Code stipulates heavy penalties for any infractions, possibly leading to major traffic accidents, as for instance:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Fines for drink driving in Greece go from €200 to €1.200. Repeated violation/driving under the influence may result in a €2000 fine, loss of drivers licence and imprisonment.
  • Ignoring a stop sign, as well as running a red light is penalised with a steep fine of €700 and a loss of drivers licence for a period of 20 days.
  • A fine of the same amount (€700) is applicable for racing with another driver, reversing on motorways, illegal crossing of railway tracks and other dangerous driving behaviour.

Fines for not using the seatbelt when driving in Greece
Even apparently minor traffic violations in Greece turn out to be quite costly, if spotted by the police.

For instance, being caught driving without the seatbelt in Greece means having to pay a fine of €350. If the passenger is not wearing the seatbelt, the same fine applies, plus an additional penalty of €80 for the driver, for not making the occupant of the car obey the regulations.

Parking fines Greece
Most of the major Greek towns and cities struggle with a shortage of parking spaces.

The fines for unlawful parking range from €80 to €150, depending on the kind of violation.

Parking in the disabled zone is especially severely punished, but frequently you will receive a ticket for parking in an area without any apparent parking restrictions. In Greece you are not allowed to park within 3 meters from a fire hydrant, 5 meters from an intersection, or 15 meters from a bus stop.

Can I ignore my parking ticket in Greece?
Getting away from paying a parking ticket is highly unadvisable and practically impossible, even if you are driving a hire car in Greece.

If only a ticket has been issued, your car hire company will eventually receive a notification of it and hold you responsible. It is very common, though, that together with a parking ticket on your windshield, you will find out that the police have confiscated your number plates. They can be picked up from the local police station, after the parking fine has been paid.

If you were still tempted to ignore the parking ticket, reconsider. Driving without number plates in Greece is a serious offence, subject to a penalty of up to €5.000…

How to reduce traffic fines Greece?
Please remember that most of the traffic fines in Greece are reduced in half if paid within 10 days.

Parking tickets issued by the police can be paid at the post office. Parking tickets issued by the municipal services should be paid in the local municipality office or in the city hall. If in doubt, please ask your car rental agency for advice.

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Speeding fines Greece – penalties for common traffic offences in Greece
Article: Speeding fines Greece – penalties for common traffic offences in Greece
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