Ryanair car hire with best price guarantee – a real deal or a marketing strategy?

‘Ryanair. Low fares. Made simple’ is the slogan of the largest low-cost airline in Europe. In the article below we take a closer look on how simple are the conditions of Ryanair car hire with the lowest price guarantee.

In the increasingly competitive market of air travel, the ability to offer the most comprehensive solutions is essential for getting the customer’s attention. Car hire and hotel bookings, associated to a flight ticket are already a common fixture for most large airlines.

Ryanair car hire price guarantee

Ryanair car hire price promise guarantee.

Ryanair, together with cheap flights offers a range of additional services, amongst them car hire. Much like in the case of other airlines accommodating different needs of their customers, the Irish carrier does not offer a won fleet of rental car and uses an online price comparison engine instead, in this case, Cartrawler.

Also Ireland-based, Cartrawler,  aggregates car hire deals from many major suppliers, allowing to compare offers and book online in a fairly uncomplicated way, being ‘cheap’ a key-word throughout the whole process. Hire cars deals booked online are usually cheaper than the rental rates quoted directly by the car rental companies.

Ryanair, however, goes one step further and advertises ‘Best price guarantee’ for car hire deals carried on their website. That, in short, means that a customer who can find an offer at a lowest price than the one quoted via Ryanair website, will be entitled to a free rental. Would the airline be that generous? Or just really sure of their low price policies?

We have taken a minute to read through the fine print of Ryanair car hire Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions.

Best price guarantee – how does it work?
The slogan “Find cheaper and we will you your money back” is definitely an eye catcher for a customer of any sort of business. It prompts to compare deals from different suppliers, and for those who cannot be bothered, conveys the idea that whoever uses this slogan is, in fact, capable of offering the best price.

The companies, even those who proudly call themselves ‘low-cost’ are not in the business of losing money and all that glitters is not gold. Before you decide to claim your Ryanair free car hire, make sure you have read the conditions of the price guarantee. Our experience with handling misguided customer request at Find-cheap-car-hire.co.uk tells us that surprisingly many customers don’t.

Here is what you need to know to boost your chances of getting a free car hire deal from Ryanair:

Best price guarantee is valid exclusively for bookings via Ryanair website
If you book through any other Cartrawler’s partner, your claim will not be considered.

Best price guarantee does not apply to offers from other search engines
The cheaper offer you might have found will only make you eligible for free rental if it comes directly from a car rental company’s website. Other aggregator websites, like Cartrawler itself,  Rentalcars.com, Autoeurope.com or Holidaycars.com will not be considered by Ryanair. Does it sound a little bit unfair?

Make your claim within an hour from the time of booking – but only during working hours
Ryanair gives their customers 60 minutes to email the claim, in a specific format, available to download on their website. So get your deal-spotting eye and speed typing fingers ready! The claim should include a screen print of the better offer, together all the mandatory fees, charges, taxes, etc.. Please note, that the pick and drop off location and times (hour included) in the cheaper offer, as well as the supplier and all optional extras must be exactly the same as the ones of your offer booked via Ryanair.

Also, if you are after a free rental from Ryanair, avoid booking on the weekends or at night. The price guarantee claims will only be received during office hours, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Maximum 2 claims per year and only up to £200
Not discouraged yet? If you have indeed found a cheaper, yet identical offer, directly from a car rental company and had a chance to claim it, in particular format, within 60 minutes of your Ryanair car hire booking, during office hours, then you only need to await the claim verification by Cartrawler and a notification whether it was considered valid or not.

It may take up to 24 hours for you to receive the notification but then again, expect it only during office hours, Monday to Friday. If you were fortunate enough to have met all of the Best Price Guarantee conditions, expect to be reimbursed for your Ryanair/Cartrawler car rental within 5 working days. Oh, but only to the total amount of £200 per rental… That amount is mentioned way down the terms & conditions.

For the most persistent, disciplined and rules-obeying customers spotting for free rentals Ryanair has one last, minor demand – they can present only 2 claims per year.

Ryanair car hire reviews
For as unreliable, as internet ‘wisdom’ may sometimes be, for many hesitant customers, world wide web is the first place to look for reassurance before purchasing products or services on forums and dedicated websites.

Trust Pilot
Trustpilot is just one of the many popular business review websites.

Ryanir has made headlines of countless online reviews and so does each new service the airlines introduces.

See here a Ryanair car hire customer experience with an attempt to claim free rental based on the lowest price guarantee. 

Cheaper than Ryanair car hire  – where to find it?
Knowledge is power and in many cases it may also mean savings. Even with the prospect of a free rental based on best price guarantee, do take time to compare prices from different suppliers and on different websites.

Please be aware that even Cartrawler’s prices may vary on different partners’ websites and the cheapest car available via Cartrawler/Ryanair booking can, in fact, be better priced on another platform which also uses Cartrawler search engine.

We recommend that you compare prices via Find-cheap-car-hire.co.uk before making your final decision. You will not be offered best price guarantee, just competitive prices.

Ryanair car hire Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions presented above were quoted on Ryanair’s website at the time of writing and are subject to change at the supplier’s discretion.

Ryanair car hire with best price guarantee – a real deal or a marketing strategy?
Article: Ryanair car hire with best price guarantee – a real deal or a marketing strategy?
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