Higher speeding fines in Poland in 2015?

Fines for speeding in Poland may increase significantly in 2015. A new bill regarding tougher penalties for speeding drafted by the Civic Platform (Polish: Platforma Obywatelska, PO) has been submitted to the Parliament. If it passes, the new rules of calculating speeding fines are likely to come into force still in 2015.

Poland is amongst the EU countries with the lowest charges for speeding violations, and sadly enough, with a fairly high road fatalities record.

Under current law, drivers caught speeding incur fines from PLN 50 to 500 (approx. £9 – 90), being the highest fine, PLN500, applied for speeding 50 km/h, or more, over the limit.

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According to the proposed bill, speeding charges would be based on the current average monthly gross wages (as stated by the Polish Central Statistical Office) rather than on a fixed table of fines.

The suggested fine for exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h is 20% of the average monthly salary in Poland which currently equals PLN 730 (the average wage in Poland in December 2014 was 4 379 pln, approx. £772).

Should the driver be caught speeding in a built-up area, the fine to apply increases up to 40% of the average monthly salary base, currently PLN1460.

New, tougher speeding laws in Poland will likely drain the pockets of the repeated offenders. The fourth and every subsequent speeding ticket issued within one year, will suffers a 50% increase. It means that the maximum fine for speeding in Poland could go up to PLN 2200 (approx. £388). 

Higher speeding fines in Poland in 2015?
Article: Higher speeding fines in Poland in 2015?
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