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Lublin Airport car hire - Rent a car at a the new low-cost airport in Poland

Compare low cost car hire in Lublin Airport in Poland

A new interesting destination for low-cost flights in Central Europe has emerged in Poland. As of late 2012 two major European budget airlines, Ryanair and Wizzair will be operating flights to and from the all new Lublin Airport, in southeastern Poland.

Find Lublin on the map of Poland.

Lublin Airport – LUZ, is known in Poland as Port Lotniczy Lublin, or as Lotnisko Lublin-Świdnik, as it is located on the grounds formerly used by a Polish helicopter company in Świdnik.

The new Polish low-cost airport in Lublin is situated approx. 6 miles south-east of Lublin city centre.

Low-cost flights Lublin Airport
The new airport in Lublin is believed to give a necessary boost to the development of southeastern corner of Poland, which was lacking good communicational network.

In the initial phase of its activitiy low-cost flights to Lublin Airport will be available from London-Luton and Oslo Torp, with Wizzair and from London-Stansted and Dublin, with Ryanair. Ryanair's route Liverpool – Lublin will begin operating in April 2013.

In the near future more UK routes are expected to be established in Lublin Airport. A large part of the Polish immigrant community in the UK comes from southeastern Poland and the new airport in Lublin is a convenient stop for many Polish expats visiting families on holiday and festive occasions.

Lublin Airport car hire - compare prices with Cartrawler Poland
Budget flights to Lublin Airport, combined with car cheap car hire in Lublin offer whole lot of possibilities for travelling in eastern Poland, whether in business or on holiday.

In Lublin, car hire is available from a range of car hire companies, including major rent a car suppliers, such as Avis Rent a Car, Sixt, Europcar, Alamo. Frequently good car hire deals can be found amongst offers from the local, Polish car rental companies in Lublin, namely: Express Rent a Car, Panek, Fleet Center, Global Rent a Car and Auto Cash Rent a Car.

As soon as the new airport is functioning at the full speed most of Lublin car hire suppliers are expected to be present in Lublin Swidnik Airport, with car rental desks, or delivering hire cars on the “meet & greet” basis.

Steep competition should work in benefit of the client, lowering the prices of car hire services. As of December 2012, most of  hire cars in Lublin Airport are slightly more expensive than those offered at the main low-cost airport in Poland, Warsaw-Modlin. The cheapest offers start from around £ 180 for a 7 days rental with pick up at Lublin Airport.

Online search engines of car hire offers, such as Cartrawler, allow to compare prices from many car rental providers in the destination of your choice. Lublin car hire is also available in Lublin city centre.

Car hire Lublin Airport - Cartrawler Poland

Cross border travel in a Lublin Airport hire car
Many Lublin Airport car hire offers allow cross border travels to Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and most of the Eastern European countries. However, restrictions may apply when taking Lublin hire car to Ukraine or Belarus.

The information about cross border travel policy can be found under “Rate Details” of every Cartrawler offer.

Lublin as a tourist destination in Poland
Lublin is the second largest city of Małopolska (or Lesser Poland)  region, after the historic city of Krakow. In fact, the Lublin’s Old Town is frequently called “Little Krakow”, for sharing many similarities with Poland’s prime tourist destination.

The main landmarks of Lublin old quarter are: the remarkable Lublin Castle with the Chapel of the Holly Trinity, the Crown Tribunal and the Dominican Basilica and Monastery. The tourists in Lublin are especially delighted with the Market Square and the adjacent cobble-stoned streets, lined with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries. 

Read more about Lublin landmarks and sights.

The Old Town is also a favourite place of local youth. It is estimated that 30 per cent of Lublin population are students. The city hosts five universities, highly ranked in Poland, being one of the important cultural centres of the country.  Art exhibitions, street theatre shows and diverse cultural festivals take place in Lublin throughout the year, adding-up to the unique atmosphere of city.

Check out Lublin cultural agenda here.

Jewish history in Lublin
In the past, Lublin and Lublin area were home to a large Jewish community.

The traces of flourishing Jewish culture, commerce and education can be seen in several historic monuments in the city, amongst them, in the Chevra Nosim Synagogue, Yeshiva Chachmei, once the world´s largest Talmudic schools and in the Jewish cemiteries of Lublin .

The most tragic chapter of in both Jewish and Polish history, the Holocaust, is remembered  in the Majdanek concentration camp national memorial. Majdanek, in the outskirts of Lublin was the second largest Nazi extermination camp in Europe, after Auschwitz. The grounds of the concentration camp are available for visitors. Due to the drastic character of the expositions, children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the museum.

Find out the opening hours and more information about Majdanek Concentration Camp Museum.

Travel in Poland in a Lublin hire car – distances
If you are planning to explore south-eastern Poland more thoroughly in your Lublin hire car, see below the approximate road distance from Lublin to the most important cities of the area as well as to the biggest cities in Poland:

  • Distance from Lublin to Bialystok: 150 miles (240 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Rzeszow: 105 miles (170 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Radom: 70 miles (112 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Krakow: 170 miles (270 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Zamosc: 52 mile (85 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Warsaw: 103 miles (160 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Lodz: 150 miles (250 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Poznan: 300 miles (470 km)
  • Distance from Lublin to Wroclaw: 260 miles (430 km)

Lublin Airport car hire  - Rent a car at a the new low-cost airport in Poland
Article: Lublin Airport car hire - Rent a car at a the new low-cost airport in Poland
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Published: Tuesday, December 25 2012
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